Getting to Know Your Neighbors


Sam wrote such a great series on “Getting to Know Our Neighbors” that I decided to put the entire series in a post so that others could read them all in order.

What he describes here looks a lot like the ministry of Jesus and how I believe the church can live and function in the world in loving, non-religious ways.

Read them all and tell Sam “Thank you” for this series.

  1. Introduction
  2. Where to Start – Walkin’ the Hood and Breakin’ the Ice
  3. Where to Start – Garage Sales and Trash Pickup
  4. Building Relationships – Remember their Name and Offer a Helping Hand
  5. Building Relationships – Pay Attention and Keep their Secrets
  6. Building Relationships – Mourn and Celebrate
  7. Group Events – Have a Party
  8. Group Events – Have another Party
  9. Pitfalls to Avoid
  10. Loving without an Agenda
  11. Block Parties
  12. Plumbers Needed
  13. Party in the Neighborhood
  14. New Year’s Eve Party

We look forward to what Sam writes next.

Do you have practical ideas for how you or your church follow Jesus into the world? Are you learning to be the church rather than just go to church? Consider writing for Grace Ground, a free, online blogging community.


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